Kquida popular player Fortnite Australia, it was banned during the first week of the FNCS Invitational supposedly by using another computer. The player had problems to connect to a match on day 1 of the invitation from your local system, and decided to go play at a friend’s house.

The friend left that Kquid is to take the computer home to continue playing matches on day 2. After facing problems once again on your main system and after playing a game, Kquid was kicked and banned.

The ban automatically be issued after that potentially violated the rule 3.7.2 which states that “several players are not allowed to participate in the event on the same machine in a single weekend of the event.”

This, however, does not seem to apply in the situation of Kquid, but multiple IP and different accounts on the same system might cause it to activate the system so automatic. Kquid then explained in another tweet that used an alternate account may have led to the ban.

The ban led to several to tweet in support of Australia and #FreeKquid started to be trend. Epic Games has not yet excluded the player, which has led him to miss out on the Cash Cup.

Queue for games in Fortnite often leaves players out of the queues in an unexpected way or leave them in a queue for a long time. Sometimes appears the message “connection Error”.

Most of the players ignore it, but this time the problems of queues meant that the australian has lost the place in a tournament of $ 2 million. Hopefully Epic Games will solution the player who seems to be nothing more than a misunderstanding and return to the competitive Fortnite.

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