On the 21st of April 2020 reached Fortnite the patch 12.41. This content update minor added content to the game, and is designed to prepare everything from the face of the concerts of Astronomical of Travis Scott. We will tell you everything you need to know about this patch Season 2 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2:

Fortnite: challenges filtered out of Astronomical, Travis Scott in the patch 12.41

In this patch come the challenges of Astronomical, Travis Scott. These challenges are the following:

  • Complete the 3 challenges to unlock the reward (0/3) – Reward: Gesture Cyclone
  • Dance for 10 seconds on the dance floor of The Yacht or Apres Ski (0/10) – Reward: loading Screen Cyclone
  • Bounces off different giant heads of Astro (0/5) – Reward: Graffiti Cyclone
  • Visit the stage to the north of the Burning Sands (0/1) – Reward: Icon Cyclone for the banner

All skins and backpacks of the patch 12.41 of Fortnite

With the patch 12.41 have come new skins, including the skin of Travis Scott. There are also new accessories backpacker:

All the gestures, graffiti, peaks, hang gliding and packaging of the patch 12.41 of Fortnite

In addition to new skins and backpacks, in the patch 12.41 also have introduced new gestures, graffiti, peaks, delta wings and wrappers. In addition, the skin According Powerful has a new colorand also your peak Six Strings.

Correction of errors and solutions of problems of the patch 12.41 of Fortnite

As always, the patch 12.41 brings with it the correction of several bugs of the game. Epic Games has not released patch notes as such, but, as usual, have published this information in your Trello:

General arrangements

  • The wrapper Touch Golden Midas appeared to be low resolution in the tab packaging of weapons from the locker. It has been fixed.

Specific arrangements of Fortnite Battle Royale

  • The user interface would disappear if you pressed the button “Ready” while we are spectators. Has fixed this.

Changes in the stage of Fortnite with the patch 12.41

The main novelty there is in the island with the patch 12.41 is the stage of the concert of Astronomical, Travis Scott, which is already finished and is in quadrant B2 on the map:

Source: Twitter/lucas7yoshi, Trello official Fortnite, own elaboration