The patch 12.21, corresponding to the Season 2 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2, was applied to the game on Tuesday, march 24. We will tell you what has been changes and what’s new most important that has brought this new content update to Fortnite Battle Royale below:

Changes and updates to the patch 12.21 of Fortnite

Taking into account the own name of the patch, we are before a content update of Fortnite Battle Royale less. And, in fact, the new content added by this patch to Fortnite has been scarce: according to the dataminer lucas7yoshi, there have been added new cosmetic objects (skins, wings, delta, spikes, backpacks…) to the game:

Still no patch notes officialand, interestingly, on this occasion, and you can’t see any reference to the patch 12.21 in the Trello official Fortnitea planning tool whose visibility is public in the that Epic Games releases updates with respect to the patches that come out of the game, and what corrections to apply exactly.

Challenges of Gold filtered into the patch 12.21 of Fortnite

The rest of the content that has been found in the files of this patch are challenges of Golda new skin even it is not known whether will be on sale in the shop, or if it would be any skin secret Pass Battle Season 2, Fortnite Chapter 2:

These are some of the challenges translated to Spanish:

  • Complete all challenges to unlock the reward (Golden Peak)
  • Complete 2 challenges to unlock the reward (wrapper Gold)
  • Help your teammates to get deletions (0/10) – Reward: 100 000 PE of season
  • Play games with a friend (0/10) – Reward: 100 000 PE of season
  • Deals damage to enemies (0/1 000) – Reward: 100 000 PE of season
  • Get medals (0/40) – Reward: 100 000 PE of season

That is all with respect to the patch 12.21.

Source: Twitter/lucas7yoshi, own elaboration