The patch 12.10 of the Season 2 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2 was applied to the game on the 3rd day of march 2020. In this news, as is already common in Guide, we collect what are the changes and new features most important for the mode Battle Royale of Fortnite, and we patch notes officers:

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2: change and patch updates 12.10

Though at the time of writing this news have not left the patch notes of the mode Battle Royale official in Spanish on the website of Fortnite, of Epic Games (as they have done so for the modes to Save the World and Creative), we have access to the Trello community of Fortnite to know what changes and developments there have been during the patch for 12.10. Are the following:

Arrangements and adjustments general

  • One of the styles of skin DJ Yond3r was incorrectly blocked. Not anymore.
  • One of the additional styles of the delta wing Big Booty not it was releasing. Now, yes.

Arrangements and adjustments of the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite

  • The earned experience points to get coins of PE did not appear in the experience bar on the screen. Now, yes.
  • The map could not be closed by pressing the button “show map” if this was linked up on the d-pad to play with remote control. It has been fixed.
  • The arrow indicating who is an ally in the Skirmish mode of the Equipment flickered or disappeared completely. It has been fixed.
  • The weak points of the objects could not be hit if we were very close to them. This has been corrected.
  • Bug of split-screen: Player 1 werent the actions of the shutter button of the Player 2. It has been corrected.

Fortnite Battle Royale – All items new cosmetic patch 12.10

The patch for 12.10 has also brought new skins and other aesthetic elements and cosmetics. We leave you a video of the miner data HYPEX showing us all these new objects.

Source: Trello Epic Games ‘ Fortnite, Twitter/HYPEX