The patch 11.50 that came to Fortnite Chapter 2 the past 5 of February brought with it numerous problems, mainly that the weak points of the elements of the scenario were not saved correctly at the time of collecting materials. Today, 11th day of February, barely a week later, Epic Games fixes this bug by using the patch 11.50.1. This update also belongs to the Season 1 the Pass Battle. I tell you everything below:

Reaches Fortnite update emergency 11.50.1

Given that it is not a patch as such, Epic Games has refrained from publishing the patch notes on their official blog. This is an upgrade of emergency which has been applied to the versions of Xbox One and iOS, and that, at the time of writing this news, also is expected to arrive at the version of Nintendo Switch.

The launch of this update was announced via the Twitter account of Fortnite Status, an account which, as its name indicates, is dedicated to post any update on the state of the game, as for example the release of patches.

So we have been able to verify, the annoying bug that brought about the implementation of the physics engine, Chaos with the patch 11.50 and that we are not allowed to collect materials on the stage with normal has been removed. Before, when trying to get materials to pound with the peak of any object, the game does not record well when it hit a weak point, which served to take less to destroy the object and streamline the collection process. After the deployment of patch 11.50.1, this has been fixed.

We do not know anything more with regards to this patch, beyond what has been mentioned, the own Epic Games through the account of Fortnite Status. According to them, the purpose of this patch is “fix stability issues”, without specifying details.

UPDATE 12/02/2020 17:22. So we have been able to see in the Twitter of Fortnite Status, the patch is now available on all platforms.

Source: Twitter/FortniteStatus