fortnite chapter 2 season 2 games of spy operation ko tricks tips strategies

Fortnite – Operation: K. O. | tips, Tricks, and strategies

Operation: K. O. it is a game mode belonging to Games of Spyof the Season 2 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2. In it, two teams of Duos or Squads should face each other in the different rounds of a tournament. On this page of our complete guide of Fortnite Battle Royale we will give a series of tricks, tips and strategies in this game mode:

Fortnite: what is Operation: K. O.?

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 games of spy operation ko tricks tips strategies

In Operation: K. O., we participated in a tournament against other Duos or Bands

As we said in the introductory paragraph, Operation: K. O. is a Game mode, Spy on the two teams of Duos or Squads (depending on the variant of the mode) are facing each other in a tournament. The winning team goes out of round, and the loser is eliminated directly. We will obtain Technologies for winning rounds.

Tips, tricks, and general strategies for Operation: K. O.

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 games of spy operation ko tricks tips strategies

We played a game of Duos in Operation: K. O.

In this section of the guide, we will give tips of all kinds:

  • Avoid to die as possible. The delay of reappearance and can make the difference between winning or losing a round.
  • It is ideal to play with friends and use helmets to coordinate to the maximum.
  • Stay tuned to the enemy players that want to drop close to you after come back. It is perfectly possible to exterminate them before they touch the ground.
  • The delta wing does not work as in the standard modes. It is possible to land on chopped and touch the ground quickly; this is an offensive strategy very useful if we have weapons like the shotgun tactic purple, or orange. We can catch unsuspecting enemies, and even liquidate several.
  • Stand together. Having delay of reappearance, the numerical superiority is very important. If you kill when you little by little to your enemies and these are not grouped, so you will have very easy to continue gaining deletions to exterminate them one by one.
  • Know what combination of technologies is more useful in function of the point of the scenario in which you will get rid the next round. For example, it makes no sense to choose rifles shooter in places that do not have good visibility.
  • Choose technologies that are complementary. For example, Synergy of Shield with Revitalized will recover health and shield with each deletion.
  • Take the high areas. The height gives the advantage always.
  • The technologies that allow us to make enemies are especially usefulas Informant Bullets or ground cover.
  • There are four rounds in total (assuming that we winning all): 16th, quarter final, semi-finals and the final.
  • The team that get the first floor of the round wins a bonus of the First Elimination. If time runs out and there is a tie in low, the team that scored the first elimination of the round is the one that will win.
  • If the round is very igualada and about to end, and you got to the First Elimination, hide thee, or place hedges to avoid dying and win.