Fortnite managed to grab the attention of virtually all the media in October of 2019, as just in a time of great growth, it simply disappeared leaving a black hole.

This event marked the beginning of a new stage to the battle royale of Epic Games, which has brought several surprises in the last few months.

Everything seems to indicate that the end of a new season is near, and the appearance of mysterious accounts regressive do believe the players that another ‘the end of the world’ is about.

At the end of last week gamers reported the appearance of a countdown on the lobby of Fortnite and about the building of the Agency, which sparked several speculations.

Fortnite is sumergiría in the water

The most popular of them points to the next may 30, the map will undergo major changes, which would imply the flooding of some parts of the map.

This theory began circulating some weeks ago, because in certain locations appeared mysterious puddles.

Not content with this, some hatches were activated in the past few days, so many believe that the end of the season will have to do with Midas and his famous ‘machine of the end of the world’.

Time is running out.

Interestingly, the players also noticed a change in the behavior of the storm after the deployment of patch 12.61.

Apparently, the circle that delimits the safe zone began to grow strangely large, so much so, that even exceeds the limits of the map, although we’re not sure if this is a bug.

Czech also: Fortnite will become a cinema and screened films

All these rumors will be clarified in the next 30 of may, when start the event end-of-season Fortnite.

In Mexico you’ll be able to live this event shortly after 2:00 p. m. so that looks ready to live a big change.

What we will face another radical change in the map?

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