As we told you at the beginning of the week, today, 13 march 2020, has been made effective in the removal of the help pointed of Legacy in Fortnite Battle Royale. I tell you what will this short-and long-term Fortnite Chapter 2, which is located in the Season 2 your Pass Battle:

UPDATED 24/03/2020 20:55: Epic Games removed finally the help of the targeted Legacy:

UPDATED 14/03/2020 12:19: Epic Games has decided to maintain “a few days more” the help of the targeted Legacy in Fortnite Battle Royale, as has been reported in a tweet from the account @FortniteStatus Twitter:

Below you can read the contents of the original news:

Fortnite: is permanently deleted by the help of the targeted Legacy

The original story is the following: in a tweet posted on march 6, 2020 in the account of FortniteStatus of Twitter, Epic Games made public its intention of to completely eliminate the help of the targeted Legacy of Fortnite:

According to Epic Games: “with the improvements we have made in the help of a pointed we plan to remove the option ‘Use view controls Legacy’ on march 13.” Furthermore, they added that “players who have enabled the option ‘Use view controls Legacy’ when it is removed you will see how their sensitivity settings will be retained with the new system“.

The reason behind the removal of this assistance targeted to players with remote control is that it is too effectiveas allows the detection of enemies that are invisible to the naked eye when they are camouflaged in places with lots of vegetation, and even behind walls. See, for example, this video of the Twitter user OrangeGuy_YT:

The original intention of the system was to match players of console with the PC, since a control system with a keyboard and mouse is often much faster and more accurate in the shooting games that one with a remote. However, in view of that Epic Games has been noticed that several players have abused the aid, have decided to cut to the chase.

What impact will the removal of the help of the targeted Legacy in Fortnite?

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 assists targeted legacy aim assist

The removal of the help of the targeted Legacy will change the game for many

Despite the fact that it is not the system pointed to by default, or the only help of this kind for the players of Fortnite using a controller instead of keyboard and mouse, the removal of the help of the targeted Legacy will, without doubt, a paradigm shift in the game.

Effectively, those who use it will have to get used to to play using one of the other two assists targeting available: Linear or Exponential. Other options include do not use assistance of any kind, or even switching to keyboard and mouse as a method of control.

If we were using this control scheme, we will be able to copy the settings of the same entering in Settings > Options command > Use advanced options > Copy of Legacy. In this way we will have a gaming experience as similar as possible to the one we had before the removal of this system.

Sources: Twitter/FortniteStatus, own elaboration