While Epic Games prepares Fortnite for your update of the season 3 patch, the patch weekly final has let slip some details. After that the posters filtered scoff at the topic of the next season, it was clear that the players soon will be dipping.

While it is not known exactly how effective the new function underwater, we can only assume that the Device of the Doomsday plays a role, here is a summary of the latest leaks.

As the patch v12.61 of Fortnite was implemented as of may 25, outstanding data miners began to unpack the latest additions. Discovered new cosmetics and several teasers of the event from the end of the world. It was also the confirmation of swimming underwater.

“Definitely we will go under the water,” said ‘FNBRHQ’ along with an image of the categories recently leaked in the game’s code. Swimming underwater it is presented as a main category, with NoWeapon and Directional movement more below.

Swimming underwater was briefly possible during the recent event in Astronomical Travis Scott. During one of the songs, the players were submerged in the ocean while they were swimming together.

However, the new animations suggest that the function is much more widespread as the Battle Royale continues to evolve in Season 3.

New animations allow players to swim in all directions, rising to the surface, dive deeper or simply float in place. A feature that seems to be missing is the ability to shoot under water.

It is expected that the season 3 of Fortnite to begin on the 4th of June, but the event Doomsday, which apparently changes the world, will be the focus point before then. A new clock of the day of judgment will be exhausted at 20:05 CEST on may 30.

It is not known exactly how it will change the map in the season 3 Fortnite. Although it is safe to assume that the points of interest submarines will be maintained in the long term while Epic Games works on it.

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