The Galactus threat is gone (for now) but Fortnite continues to move forward.

After the maintenance, the servers have been reset and Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 is now available. This season’s theme is “Zero Point”: ” The Zero Point is exposed, but you can’t escape the Loop, not as long as you are there. Join Agent Jones and the greatest hunters of all realities, like the Mandalorian, in a chaotic battle that will mark the future of the island … “, reads the official Fortnite website.

Along with new locations including Zero Point, an arena, and a jungle, there’s a new bounty mechanic. In essence, players can work with the various characters on the island to take on bounties and fulfill requests. These characters can be your allies or challenged to a duel. However, you will have to spend ingots to hire them and these can only be earned by completing missions, eliminating other players, or finding supplies.

These ingots can also be spent on new weapons such as The Night Hawk, Amban Sniper Rifle and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun with more to come during the season. There is also a new Battle Pass to purchase with several new cosmetics to earn.

How about?