The first champion Fortnite World Cup AloneKyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, has been advocated along with fellow professional player Owl after being defendant team and conspiracy after an official warning of Epic Games.

During an event of Fortnite Champion Series on August 12, Bugha published a tweet which showed that Epic Games had sent him a warning in the game for “collusion / agreement of parties”, which appears to be the result of that Bugha was in a voice call. with Owl and the other professional player during the competition alone.

Began to arise many clips of the transmission of Bugha that show him communicating with the Owl, and although it does not give any specific direction or detailed information, there are some cases that could be considered as a team.

A clip shows Bugha communicating with Owl as “a type at random”, who Bugha emphasizes to point out your skin, which is the same as that of Owl, shoots him. It also points to a type “gliding” in the background, to what Owl asked where I was because they want to go and delete it.

In a separate incident, Bugha is removed after a player jumps to his box. Then he says “fuck with this boy, Owl”, suggesting that you know its location.

However, both Bugha, such as Owl have denied that they will form a team and have explained the context of the clips.

“What did I do in that scenario that was giving information to other players?” responds to a commentator and analyst of Fortnite, “Krashy”. “I was fighting with the Owl during the game several times, but people just see a clip with no context whatsoever, and base everything on that.”

Owl also post a video on Twitter that explains the context behind the clip in the box Bugha. When you ask the critics to “search” before you accuse the couple, Owl explains that Bugha was deafened in the call all the time and just not dared to tell her that “cagara in this boy,” when he noticed the skin of the Owl when you enter in the box.

While Bugha and Owl protest his innocence, many believe that with the current rules of the FNCS on the formation of teams and collusion, it is irresponsible to be in a call with other competitors, even if their intentions are good.

The rule book Chapter 2: Season 3 says that players “can’t work together to cheat or deceive other players during any match”, and defines training of teams like “players who work together during the match while they are in opposing teams”.

While the rule book states that any infringement of the FNCS can be punished with a warning, do not set how many warnings you can receive a professional advice before to take additional measures.

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