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Fortnite it is a game so massive that it is impossible to be happy all the members of the community. In recent months, several professional players have joined together to criticize Epic Games and to a feature in the Battle Royale.

The champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf and other experts of the game to continue with their claims against aim-assisted. Players of the stature of the Ninja left the title due to the users playing with controller on PC.

The community of Battle Royale believes that playing on PC with remote control and 240hz is a great advantage. For this reason, several professionals have lashed out against Epic, which promised to make changes to this section, but has not lived up to his word.

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Professionals Fortnite lambasted Epic

Several players are upset with Epic Games already that has not made changes in the aim assisted for the PC in the most recent update. There are community members who believe that the company made modifications, but to further support this function.

Leon “Khanada” Khim and the own Bugha were disappointed because the study seems to do nothing about it. This topic has generated various controversies, but it is not clear when there will be changes that leave conform at least to the professionals.

Bugha indicated that Epic did nothing with the aim assisted in the most recent update. The champion said that the lack of changes affect and may change the career of future professionals.

In a satirical publication, Bugha predicted that by 2021 most of the top players who use mouse and keyboard will be coaches instead of continuing active in the Battle Royale. The rest of the scene will be dominated by players with control, according to Bugha.

As you mentioned, some members of the community believe that Epic has improved in any way the aim-assisted. The player Knight he now works at greater distances and even through buildings.

Knight showed evidence of this in 2 videos and he stated that the aim assisted is more broken than ever. Thus, the professionals are not happy with the decisions of Epic, especially since efectan the professional scene of the Battle Royale.

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