Fortnite has brought back several cosmetics Marvel for a limited time with the return of different packages as of “Deadpool” and the “X-Force” to the store of items in the game.

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Available in different amounts of V-Bucksdepending on what you’re looking for, skins and other accessories include things like the skin Cuddlepool, the peak of unstoppable force and a package of Deadpool Gear to include a number of different items in a single purchase.

As in previous occasions, lI cosmetics that will only be for a limited time in the store.

Epic Games recently announced the return of the articles of Deadpool and X-Force packs when they returned to the Shop for a limited time. They are still there if you’re interested, but presumably will be deleted again when the Shop is updated as it does every day.

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Cosmetics Deadpool added weeks ago they were a mixture of skins and other items like these by the that the players had to pay, as well as the winners through the challenges.

These Skins and everything else included in the package will only be available for a limited timeso make sure you get what you need from the Goods store before the end of.

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