Fortnite continues its unstoppable path we will leave a trail of important changes over the months. The game of Epic Games stays true to its identity focused on the constant updates and modifications.

As always, the dates prior to the arrival of a new Season are the ones that generate more fuss in the community of this battle royale. The developer of Fortnite ensures that each new season I have a start tremendous, with an event of great dimensions.

That brings to an end the Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite has been given the name of Doomsday or Day of Judgement and it seems that will bring big changes in the map, many of which will be devastating.

This lamp RGB color changing automatically and it has several power sources, in addition to a heat sink in the lower area.

The rumors claim that Midasthe character of this season, is working on a device that could flood the whole map of Fortnite. On this device we’ve already had some track recently, as it has appeared a cable in the main complex of the agents, as well as a little challenge within the firm’s own Midas.

These are not the first changes that have been seen in the game and on the map. The next June 4, reaches the end of the seasonbut until then, there’s still time to complete the challenges of this season. Remember that also you have given the solution to the challenges of the past few weeks:

Also we have given the solution to the challenges: