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Fortnite Battle Royale is released on Google Play


Surprisingly, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite is now available for download in the official store Google Play. During the past 18 monthsusers Android they were forced to download the game using a program Fortnite Installerthat is directly in the official website of the game.

Epic chose to use this method in place of the Google Play Storeas the editor of Fortnite did not agree with the strict rate 30% of Google in the shopping inside of the game.

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If the editor gave in and agreed to an official release of Play Store, it is clear that no concessions have been made on the part of Googleand Epic he is not happy with having to launch the game through the official channels Google.

“After 18 months operation of Fortnite in Android out of Google Play Storewe have come to a basic understanding,” he said Epic in a press release.

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Google put in disadvantage the downloadable software out of Google Play, through measures of technical and commercial as security popups repetitive and frightening for software downloaded and updated.”

“Agreements and restrictive agreements of manufacturers and operators, public relations Google that characterize sources of third-party software as malware, and new efforts such as Google Play Protect to block directly the software obtained outside of the Google Play store”.

Let’s hope that the inclusion the playstore improve the amount of players in mobile and more people can enjoy the Battle Royale.