Following the celebration of the five concerts Astronomical Travis Scott Fortnite Chapter 2an event that I have been told in direct, Epic Games has taken stock of what has given rise to a move of marketing (again) and embraced by the successful. After get 12.3 million simultaneous players by way of viewers of the first of the concerts, the total figures shed now a figure without precedent: 27.7 million viewers in those three days.

The event, which was held from 24 to 26 April within the game itself framed in Season 2 of the Pass of Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2, confirms now the total number of spectators is accounted for, and celebrates with a message posted on the social network Twitter. In addition, they indicate that those players participated in direct a total of 45.8 million times among the five events, what they consider to be, excuse the pun “an experience truly Astronomical”.

The last time where Fortnite managed to beat a record of simultaneous players was in February of 2019, when the DJ known as Mashmello managed to gather 10.7 million people during your event. This new action was intended to benefit both parties: on the one hand, to unveil the new works of the american artist, Jacques Berman Webster II, 27 years of age; on the other, give a boost to this video game, which can be considered as a phenomenon of the culture of transmedia.

In addition, on the occasion of the event Astronomical Travis Scott, the artist himself has put it up for sale on your web page merchandising officer with the you get more revenue if it is worth of this celebration.

So, Fortnite Chapter 2 is still active and maintains his flow of new events and challenges. To highlight today’s date, the skin Midas Season 2 of the Pass of Battle has its own set of challenges. Here, we will tell you in detail the method to unlock the skin Midass Spectrum and Midas Shadow. On the other hand, in this link explain the guide challenges of Mission of Midas.

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