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The pandemic forced to modify the format of the traditional games. E-sports and the cultural disciplines they excel in the edition 2020. The list of activities enabled.

The under-Secretary of Sport and Recreation, Hugo Ferrino, and the coordinator of the area Culture, Alfredo Castroon behalf of the under-secretary of Culture, César Gerónimo, participated after this mid-day briefing for the region of the Games Buenos Aires 2020.

As explained during the talk, the games will have a virtual edition as a result of the measures that govern our country by the pandemic COVID-19. Therefore, the sub-secretary of Sports, along with the Undersecretary of socio-Cultural Promotion of the Province of Buenos Aires was invited to all the areas of Sports, Culture, Disability, and Older Adults of all districts of the province to participate in this proposal.

It is a new tournament format that allows you to equalize the conditions of access of the participants regardless of the phases of health in which each of the municipalities and that works as a tool of accompaniment and expression for the community sports and cultural development of the province.

“They propose new scenarios of construction of meaning in relation to culture and sport. The Virtual Edition 2020 seeks to continue to provide opportunities to participate in this historic event to all buenos aires, in spite of the reality that a public health emergency,”assured.

Youth: visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, three-Dimensional Object); Digital Photography; Video Minute; Literature (short Story, Poetry); Solist Vocal; Stand Up; Free Style (promotional); Malambo.

Disability –Youth: Painting; Digital Photography; Malambo; Storytelling; Singing.

Older Adults: Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Three-Dimensional Object); Literature – Short Story, Poetry-; Solist Vocal.

In this edition you will be able to participate in the following categories:
a) Youth: under-15 (born in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008), under-18 (born in 2002, 2003 and 2004) and unique (those born between 2002 and 2008);
(b) Older Adults: (only those born in 1960, inclusive, and
c) People with Disabilities (PVD): single (those born in 2008, and

For more information contact by phone at 42-2627 and 42-4929,
Facebook: Undersecretariat of Culture, Balcarce or whatsapp (2266) 637110.

E-Sports: Fortnite; L. O. L.; ClashRoyale; Free Fire. In this edition the categories are: League Of Legend (L. O. L.) u-18 (born between 2002 and 2007-equipment, and more 18 than those born in 2001 and older-team); ClashRoyale +13 and older (born in 2007 and earlier-individual); Fortnite + 13 onwards (all 3 born in 2007 and earlier-individual); Free Fire + 13 and older (born in 2007 and earlier-team).

For more information contact the 431704 or by e-mail
[email protected]

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