Fortnite is already working on a new event for the game. This is the strong point of Epic Games and is the cornerstone on which revolve all the new content. Their actions are so spectacular that there are people who downloaded the game with the sole objective of being able to live it in direct.

In addition, typically the events usually come with much additional content, like skins, cosmetics, weapons or changes in the map. The most spectacular and the most attention tend to be those that have to do with the new seasons.

The case is that after the last update there has appeared a mysterious counter on top of the area of the agency, which is located in the center of the map. This is one of the first clues that have been found on what you can get to the game soon.

Keep in mind that the new season has been delayed until June 4, but really it is not so long as it seems, and this countdown can be related with the change of season. At the moment there are more than assumption or speculation because that is the only clue that has been found by now.

However, it is certain that by reviewing some images of the game, the agency has a different aspect to that found right now, so that could be simply a renewal at this particular location and that the great changes on the map come from another a different way.

Be that as it may, the reality is that there has appeared a countdown in the center of the island of Fortnite and it seems that we are going to have an event in the next few weeks. We will be attentive to the new insights that may emerge.