Nicholas “Fix” Sayad spoke with Culture Geek then you close your arrival to 9z Team LOL to the League Master Flow LVP What was said? Find out here!

9z in their quest for the championship of the League Master Flow LOL and the coveted promotion to the League Of Latin America he played strong in the market passes in the Closing 2020. The arrival of Nicholas “Fix” SayagoAugustine “Sonyky” Quiroga, and the coach Jose Manuel “Beto” Contreras, put it in the place of bookmarks, and the shooter spoke with Culture Geek on your arrival.

What tempted me of the proposal of 9z was knowing that I was going to have the opportunity to compete in the organization of esports largest of Argentina, both for its structure as for its fans and play in my country by the pride that means. Also the possibility of going out a champion once more“ says Fix of his new challenge in 9z.

Fix he knew how to find the glory with Kaos Latin Gamers, where he built three Copa Latinoamérica Sur between 2017 and 2018. With the beginning of the ALL the rhino was not able to maintain positive results and failed to classify to the play offs for 2019.

After a brief passage in X-Tenthe argentine decided to start his own project, Humanoid5, where it got the rise to the League of Honor Entel in the Closing 2019. When you get to the top division chilean took the place of coach of the team during the two tournaments.

Be the player with the most experience of the League Master Flow for Sayago: “It means a lot, because I think that at a competitive level will build, because that has led me to acquire many tools both inside and outside of the game that some players of the competition do not have“.

Have played against a lot of players from all over the world and of the highest caliber both in scrims and in SoloQ” and “live with different players from different nationalities” is what stands out the most Fix who participated in the play offs Worlds 2017 and 2018, and the Mid Season Invitational 2018in addition to the Rift Rivals 2018 against the servers of Latin america North and Brazil.

photo courtesy of Riot Games

With the desire to compete again and “feel that adrenaline rush that every player feels within the competition” the three-time of the CLS will seek to lift another cup, this time in the League Master Flow, and get the promotion to the ALLmaintaining a good performance“.