In the last time Riot has decided to begin to make several reworks the more than 150 champions have League of Legends. Mainly the older ones, since they needed at least a visual improvement, as is the case of Olaf, Lux or Ziggs. Well, the time came to Thresh receives several changes in the visual effects of his skills.

Despite the fact that you will not receive any changes in the kit of skills and its gameplay or its overall appearance, now Thresh will have a better aesthetic, and each of their skills will be most noticeable on Summoner’s Rift, when it is active.

These are the changes in detail:

Passive: new souls and bonus effects.
Basic Attack: new effects of scrimmage and follow-up on all the skins
Q – Death Sentence: the hitbox is now more clear, and adjusting the position of the hook. New effects when hitting. New effect to break the chain with Purification or Sash.
W – Dark Passage: new indicator in the area and a flashlight. You should now be more noticeable and theme. New limit indicator. Cleaned up the beam of light toward Thresh. The flashlight now rotate much more fluently.
E – Flay: added a circle indicating the hitbox current. Visual upgrade of the skill.
R – The Box: improvements in the subject area and ability to something more clean. The pillars are still original.

In addition, all your skins will receive visual improvements to stay in tune with the changes in the original form of Thresh. It is good to see that the champion remains virtually identical and the minor adjustments to improve some aspects required.

The changes to Thresh you will be able to see in the official client of League of Legends in patch 10.1, which will be the first of the next season of the game.

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