Days ago, Riot Games announced two of the new aspects that will come to League of Legends in the update of half of the season, with the presentation of Senna and Irelia in the line of aspects “Outlaws“. And now we have a new look confirmed: Nocturne Hextech.

A few summoners had hoped that The Nightmare Eternal received a new look, and much less that was added to the Hextech, but definitely the designers of Riot did a great job and the new look is definitely the height of aspects such as Nocturne Eternum or Nocturne Bosqueviejoas the best that received the champion.

It will be the ninth appearance for Nocturne, one of the champions most veterans of League of Legends, that expected to receive a rework in 2021since it was the fourth in the balloting done in the past year, in which Fiddlesticks and Volibear were the most voted, and they already look completely different on Summoner’s Rift, and only Shyvana it is located between Nocturne and be the next on the list.

The aspect of Craftsmanship Hextech of Nocturne will be available on the client of League of Legends in the coming weeks, and will be able to get in the menu Handicraft Mythical, exchanging 10 gems in order to unlock it.

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