Finally it is time for the new event for League of LegendsRiot Games presents Galaxies 2020: The end of the light. Of course, with Lux and their new opposite aspects, Cosmic and Dark Cosmic as main new features. In addition, Mordekaiser, Xerath and Malphite receive aspects of Star Darkthe latter will also have an Edition of the Prestigious the same.

As mentioned, the event will also feature the Pass Galaxies 2020. In it you will find a Premium bag and a Orb of the event. Edges, Chromas, and Icons will appear in the store and you can buy with the parts of Galaxies, which are multiplied to get the Pass and will accumulate by completing missions.

Also returns to the famed mode One for All (One For All), available starting this march 26, in which all the players of the team will use the same character, which will lead to moves crazy and unthinkable. Likewise, is the opportunity for champions such as Pyke, Neeko, Sylas, Yuumi, Qiyana, Senna, Aphelios and Sett having your first foray into the event, since that had not appeared on the client from the release of these champions.

Now is the time to enjoy the new event within the client of League of Legends and tell me summoner, what is it that you caught the attention of this event?