The players of Fortnite will be pleased to know that a new “starter package” is on the road to be added at the official store of the game. The new Starter Pack was found by the mining of data “iFireMonkey” who has become the reliable source of many players. According to the data revealed by the mining of data, the package would be costing 600 V-Bucks ($5) and would have their own computers.

The Starter Pack would be counting with a skin exclusive that shows a female character with yellow suit and some golden details. In addition, this accompanies a bill that follows the same style black/yellow of the character as well as a reward in V-Bucks.

Via: Epic Games

Currently the package has only been filtered to show the first general overview of how it will look once it is launched. Although, since it is a filtration players must take into account possible changes that can be performed by the developer before his departure official. However, players will have new content in the in-game store. So I look forward to the coming updates.