The team of Dortmund striker Erling Haaland is now known in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here you can see what kind of awesome team the Norwegians are chasing digital goals with.

The FIFA series is also very popular with football professionals, so there is a chance to meet one or the other professional in FUT online matches. This has now happened to a user who reports on an encounter with Erling Haaland on Reddit (via Reddit ) and reveals the Norwegian’s crazy team.

How do you recognize a professional soccer player in FIFA 21?  If you see your opponent’s team before a FUT match and see a turquoise special card with a 99 rating, then that’s probably the pro player card of a real football professional – normal people cannot get these special cards.

In FIFA 20, some teams of football professionals have been discovered over time, here is an overview:

The incredibly strong and, above all, expensive team from Haaland in FIFA 21

This is what the Haaland team looks like: On the unfortunately somewhat blurred picture, you can see the Dortmund striker’s FUT team. Except for Haaland itself, it only consists of extremely strong icon cards. Haaland’s opponent should have been amazed.

That’s why the team is so strong: You won’t find teammates from Dortmund in Haaland’s team, because it really only consists of icon cards. These are currently the strongest cards in the game, as there are no special cards that can keep up with the ratings of the icons.

Ronaldo (94), Maradona (95), and Gullit (95), who are among the best icon cards, are particularly strong and valuable in his team.

If you are facing this icon team in FUT, you should probably be defeated. Provided that Haaland is as good on the gamepad as on the real football field.

But whether he is as good as Liverpool professional Diogo Jota, who also plays at the top level in FIFA, is not known.

His team is so valuable: If you are currently (as of November 9, 2020) recreating the Haaland team (without your pro-player card), then the 10 players on your starting line-up cost an incredible amount:

  • 30 million coins (PS4)

Most FUT players shouldn’t earn that many coins in their entire FUT career and Haaland probably has one of the most blatant teams in Ultimate Team. Mainly because of his 99 Pro Player card that only he has.

These are the market values ​​of the individual cards:

  • TW: Yashin (518,000 coins)
  • LV: Carlos (900,000 coins)
  • IV: Campbell (720,000 coins)
  • IV: Maldini (2,060,000 coins)
  • RV: Zambrotta (690,000 coins)
  • ZDM: Vieira (3,800,000 coins)
  • ZDM: Gullit (7,000,000 coins)
  • ZOM: Maradona (2,300,000 coins)
  • ZOM: Cantona (2,500,000 coins)
  • ST: Ronaldo (9,000,000 coins)