October 27, 2009. That day, Riot Games launched an official League of Legends, a title inspired by the custom map of Warcraft 3 Defense of the Ancients, which in turn was based on another custom map for Starcraft: Aeon of Strife.

It’s been more than 10 years, and we’ve seen change the game numerous times. It’s complicated gather all of the “hallmark” of the LoL, but we will do what we can.

How was the LoL before

The Crack

old crack from above

At this time, the Picuchillos were a protected species and were not on the map

In 10 years, LoL has had time to dramatically change its graphic appearance. If we look at the jungle we had a different creature (the Spectra were replaced by the Picuchillos with the passage of time), and the Toad was still not. The bases were a design far more archaic.

old crack

See that tower in the background, SEE THAT TOWER

In terms of the system of dragons, has been changing with the passage of the years. At the beginning, the dragons gave global gold, then became a system of accumulations (with different upgrades depending on how many dragons matásemos) and then gave way to the system of dragon elementals.

Ancient dragons LoL

The pit of the dragon before it was bigger

Finally, the Baron Nashor before was a lot less scary (at least, its appearance). Until the patch 4.20 the buff of the Baron is not “improved” to the minions nearby, and was basically a buff to the attack and ability power, and mana regeneration and life.

old baron nashor

The water is green, unmistakable symbol of a poor hygiene


Originally, League of Legends had 17 champions: Alistar, Annie, Ashe, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Kayle, Master Yi, Morgana, Nunu, Ryze, Sion, Sivir, Soraka, Teemo, Tristana, Twisted Fate and Warwick.

As it was lol Image nunu

What makes Knekro on top of a yeti?

The first “new” champ that was Singed (18 April 2009). Since then, we have launched 130 champions, being the last of them Sett. As you can see above, the style of the splash art ancients was much more simple, with some champions with images very… original.


“I’ll stay as well, anger,”

In terms of models, well, they have also received numerous updates. There are very few vestiges of the LoL of the pastalthough the feet of Yorick follow us remembering that League of Legends also had a past.


The old Poppy was not the day for parties

How was the old system of masteries and runes in LoL

old rune system

That 0.93% chance of critical, BELIEVING BUTT

This that you see above is the original system of runes in the gamethat were paid for with Points of Influence (the ancient essences blue). Basically, if you wanted your champion was well-equipped at the beginning of the game, you played to spend the points.

Masteries2015 how it was lol

The system of Masters came with the runes.

Many times, it was time to choose: that hits the champion you wanted, or continue to invest in the runes that you did. In 2017, this system (along with the masters) had disappeared to give place to that which we have today.

Objects that are not already

If we we stopped to talk of ALL objects that are not already in the game not pararíamos never, because there are 186 (if we don’t fail the calculus, which can be). There were things enough crazy, still one of my favorite Impaler of Atma, an object that gave you armor, critical chance for and that makes the 1.5% of your maximum life in the attack.

Impaler of Atma

A tank with damage is absurd, the dream of every toplaner

He was also chula is the time in which the jungles had an object to put wards (the Lantern of Wriggle, for example). And how to forget the current metagame of the Banner of Command

What’s next?

Taking into account their current base of players and their constant evolution, everything seems to indicate that we will have League of Legends for another 10 years at least. Gone are the older models, lore out of date, and objects that are not already.

For the moment, we still have a vestige of what it was the LoL before. Don’t go, never, Malphite Shamrock.

malphite trebol how it was lol

The best skin of the game

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