The new official Fedez channel on Twitch is online! After having given life with Luis Sal to Wild Moss, one of the most followed podcasts of this year, and having opened an account on TikTok with over 3.5 million subscribers, Fedez continues its exploration in the world of digital tools also with this new platform.

The account name is Zedef (Fedez on the contrary) already in the past protagonist of a famous YouTube series in which the artist told about his daily life. In this new guise, the artist plays with his 30-year-old being and defines the room from which ” The Boomer’s Lair ” is connected, according to a definition that is given by the young Generation Z to those older than them.

Immersed in collectible models, pieces of art, and objects related to basketball, the artist’s great passion, Fedez in his channel indulges in free-wheeling chats with his followers, as well as starting live streaming of his favorite video games like NBA 2K. There will be guests, with whom to dialogue and open debates on current affairs, pop culture, and society.

In just over a month, the channel has already reached over 200,000 subscribers and the videos have had peaks of over 400,000 views, ranking among the top 10 most followed Italian channels in November, in second place among those with the greatest growth, and in Top 3 among those with the highest peak of views during a live stream.

” The new digital tools have always had a great fascination on me – comments Fedez – I love to test myself and explore the potential that a platform still little known to me can offer me. What I like most about Twitch is the direct contact with who follows my live shows, the possibility of being able to see their immediate reaction to what I propose, and the consequent sincere interaction, without detachment, spontaneous. Precisely for this reason when I am live, I feel free to be able to show the most authentic side of me, which helps me to relax and disconnect a little from today’s reality “.

Twitch is the leading live streaming service in the world, with content ranging from gaming, sports, entertainment, music, and more. The platform has an average of over 2 million viewers at any given time, over 6 million unique creators streaming each month, and 26.5 million visitors.

Regarding Fedez’s arrival on Twitch, Pontus Eskilsson, Twitch’s VP of partnership, said: ” The success Fedez has already achieved is incredible, even if it’s not a surprise to us. Its authentic and engaging content makes it perfect for our community that comes together every day on the platform to follow their passions and have fun. It’s amazing to know that Fedez already feels at home on Twitch and we can’t wait to see his next content. “