League of Legends went down to the champion Kayn, because I had a serious bug in the attack from his W, range of blade, doing excessive damage, and also suffered from enemies outside the range of his ability.

“I was against a Kayn abusing this as well, I guess that is an error, Kayn should be turned off as soon as possible”, was the comment of a gamer at Riot Games with evidence of the bug of the character.

And the response of the american company within LoL not made to wait: “we Disable the next champion due to problems within the game and we are working on a solution: Kayn”.

Kayn turned off LoL

The attack of “range forward” and ” blade of the champion resulted in excessive damage and affected enemies out of your range. League of Legends still has not given a return date for the character, but is expected to soon make an update of what happened.

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