Miracle Games and Lilith Games , the developers behind incredibly popular mobile titles like Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena , have officially announced their next project, a battle royale with graphics similar to Fortnite , but set in a post-apocalyptic world, entitled Farlight 84. .

According to the developers, the title is set in a world oppressed by a cyborg-zombie apocalypse, where humanity must fight to conquer the few resources still available. Despite the gloomy premises, the title seems quite comical and light, as you can guess from the launch trailer available at the bottom of the news.

Although it is easy to compare Farlight 84 to other battle royale on the market, what can this adventure offer different? In addition to the classic BR modes, we will have a completely different roster of heroes, each with their own skills and abilities, as well as upgradeable and customizable weapons, as well as various “means of transport”, from jetpacks to articulated vehicles.

In addition, Farlight 84 will leverage an “energy” system to limit the use of weapons, shields and vehicles, adding a dash of strategy and resource management to the gameplay mix.

Finally, the resources we will earn by winning the fights can be used to create and improve our base, a HUB where we can spend time with our friends, waiting for the next match.

At the moment it is too early to make any judgments, given that the trailer contains a lot of movies and little “pure” gameplay, but the premises seem quite interesting. We’ll see if Farlight 84 will be able to capture the attention of the public, once available.

Farlight 84 will be released on PC and mobile devices in 2021. Although without a specific date, a beta phase has also been announced for the first months of next year.