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In Fortnite: Battle Royale the competitiveness and the ability to prevail when the speed of the game and the level of frenetismo are the factors most fundamental to the game.

However, it may seem contradictory to think that a player seek leave games on purpose with the aim of obtaining something more than the satisfaction of a victory.

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Through his YouTube channel, TALOCAN, a young German of so just 17 years old he concentrated on the search of the greatest amount of chests that can be captured in a game before you unsubscribe, or simply abandon the confrontation.

What is the goal?. The chests of Fortnite give experience to the account level of your game. In particular, each chest can give you 150 experience points, which he used to be able to level up beyond the long-awaited level 100 to complete your pass of battle.

So, as currently the player already exceeds the level 520 alone in a practice of searching for chests, avoid the battles in teams or solo, and to be able to continue to level up indefinitely.

I attached one of the demonstrations, with more than two hours in length this video:

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord