Lots of gamers are waiting for Fall Guys to be released on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. What is the current status of an Xbox version of the party game?

What’s up at Fall Guys? The party game Fall Guys was released on August 4th, 2020 for PC and PS4. It had a record start and had the best start of all PC games since 2016. But players on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch have so far had to forego the many mini-games in the style of Takeshi’s Castle that Fall Guys offers.

In this article, we want to show you what an Xbox version currently looks like. What the official reports reveal and what we learn from leaks.

We keep this article up to date for you and will revise it regularly as soon as there is new information.

What do you know officially?

What the team says: At the end of August 2020, Kate Stark interviewed the Fall Guys team. She asks if Fall Guys would appear on Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Lead designer Joe “GosuJoe” Walsh replied, “Maybe one day”.

The website showed that: The website of the Fall Guys developers, Mediatonic, offers an area with the most frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ). The plan for a release on Xbox or Nintendo Switch said:

At launch, Fall Guys are only available on PS4 and Steam. We would like to bring the game to other platforms later. Let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms you would like a release next. We’d love to see how big the demand is.

However, this answer no longer exists on the Fall Guys FAQ website.

On August 12th, the official Fall Guys account wrote on Twitter that the focus was initially on PC and PS4. In the future, however, they want a release on other platforms.

Officially, there are still few details about a release of Fall Guys on Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S. But data miners have probably already found more. And that’s good news if you wait for it to be released.

What do leaks say to Fall Guys?

A Data miner to Xbox shows: On Twitter, Data miner the tiny shows that there is apparently good news from the players who are waiting for an Xbox release.

In the game’s code, the thing found clear references to the Xbox One. On August 28, the Dataminer wrote: “The current version of Fall Guys supports Xbox One”.

This is shown by a data miner for the switch: An interesting clue was also found for the switch in the Fall Guys code. Twitter user OatmealDome explains: “Interestingly, Fall Guys has the ‘NintendoSDKPlugin.dll’ file in the game files on Steam. These files would have existed since the first version of Fall Guys. But this does not confirm a release.

But such leaks should be treated with caution. The discovery of the data miners does not confirm the release date of Fall Guys on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

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