As we have been covering in these days, Epic Gamesthe company-developer of Fortnite, has been in a legal battle against Apple and Google. After having built a payment method in the game that poked fun at the terms and conditions of both stores for mobile phones, the game was removed. This led to that Epic requires you to both giants, and now Facebook has taken your side of the conflict.

According to reports by some media, the company Mark Zuckerberg also criticized the same reason why Epic Games sued Apple. This is because the company makes a time that you are taking the 30% of each transaction made within its App Store, something that generates billions of dollars only to make this system mandatory to appear on your platform.

Facebook mentioned that they had launched a role in 20 countries in which offered all types of events payments. This feature allowed us to enter a new section of Facebook in which different businesses could charge users for access to various activities transmitted live, such as classes and lessons. This was done in such a way as to Apple not be able to take a profit from this.

This was confirmed by the executive of Facebook that manages the main application, Fidji Simo. The key difference between Google and Apple, he explains, is that Google itself would let them have this function within your application. In contrast, Apple did not allow to perform any kind of payments in any application of its platform if they are not wearing the 30% of the funds raised through it.

This led finally Facebook accuses Apple of harm to small businesses in the context of the pandemic. “Helping small businesses recover from Covid is critical that all tech companies should make an effort to work together,” said Simo in an interview. “The reason why we’re criticizing here is because we hope you will join us and stop forcing people to pay your fee,” he said.

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