Fortnite has already announced its next live event, and direct. The game of Epic Games is aware that this is his specialty, and each time it approaches a new season looking for the way to surprise to viewers who have grown accustomed to authentic works of art.

For this reason, every time there’s a new season, a lot of times the anticipation is higher for what might happen in the event live that by the news that we can have within the game itself, something that lately has not finished to have a lot of relevance and impact in the community.

Ahead of the season 3 is expected this week, perhaps Saturday or Sunday we had some type of action in vivo. However, the season finally has been delayed to June 11, so the event has also undergone modifications to its date.

Specifically, Epic Games has release the exact date of the event will be on the 6th of June at 20:00 cet, a schedule that’s good for everyone to be able to enjoy this event live.

With respect to the form to enter to see the procedure is very simple. As has happened in other cases you will have to enter in a game, in the which is disabled the option to kill the enemies, and simply enjoy whatever is happening.

Epic Games has once again recommend, as it did with the event, Travis Scott, enter a half hour before the event itself to avoid the crowds, the crashes of servers and / or problems to enter at the last minute.

In reference to what is going to happen in that event is still a mystery. On this occasion, Epic Games has managed to cover the backs and the data miners have not found any type of information. Over the next few days we will surely get to have the first tracks.