Not all of them settled well stay at home most of the time as a measure of security against the spread of coronavirus, so they sought refuge in various ways: some by looking at viral videos in networks and other playing video games.

This generated a great doubt with respect to the video games and it opened a great debate: is it good for health? Before this, the World Health Organization spoke out and clarified that this was beneficial during the confinement..

The WHOto , among other things, recommended to play videjuegos to take care of the mental health in times of coronavirus and, in addition, he stressed that it is normal to feel stress by the pandemic. For this reason, was motivated to stay at home playing video games of all kinds, primarily if it is online to interact with people from other countries and cultures.

It takes strength to that which was spoken by Luciana Vainstoc, psychologist, specialist in gaming, who said it was to play in moderation. He also indicated that this measure proved to be beneficial, because it helped her to be more creative and productive.

Vainstoc held that the gaming will not only lower anxiety levels, but also contributes to strengthen family bonds and create new ones with people from other countries and cultures. This also helps as a recreation and don’t spend all your time studying, says the specialist.

As you know, Nintendo and PS4 are the consoles, favorite of the peruvians. According to the latest market report from GFK, the PS4 covers 89% of sales in the country. Video games most played are Fortnite, PES 2020, FIFA 20, and GTA V.

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