The best teams of the continent will face in the League Latin america (ALL), League of Legendsevent to be held online the next Saturday, may 2.

A few days of this event, two players colombians who are part of recognized professionals in the scene League of Legends (LOL), spoke in Antenna 2 about their expectations and to be contest the final of the liga colombiana (Golden League).

Esteban Guzman Cano, a member of the ‘Onoda Esports’commented that takes several years of racing and thanks to his victories as a gamer, his nickname of ‘Zeypher’ has become a name well-known among other competitors.

“Almost all of my friends and acquaintances call me ‘Zeypher’ only my family tells me Stephen”.

‘Zeypher’ narrated that started with LOL in 2014. He says that that time the scene was beginning to be created and from that moment was born his dream of turning the country into a benchmark for eSportsas United States and some countries of Asia.

“Right away I called attention to that game and that’s why I thought could achieve my dream through League of Legends”.

Guzman acknowledged that he took the risky decision to put aside his college careerin order to fight the “all for all for being a pioneer in this and so become a player professional that out increasingly competitive, at a time when nobody was.”

For his part Jose Miguel Diazknown as ‘Chomi’ and an integral part of the team ‘Zeu5’commented that he began to compete when the scene was more or less organized. “I had the good fortune of that already had an organization and this allowed me to having a salary and other elements”.

Diaz commented that met LOL when I was in collegefor that moment he he had decided to quit studying because I was not happy with his career. “While it took me a while to decide what I wanted to do, I knew better what was League of Legends”.

“I started getting light to light and the level has been growing, that’s why we’re giving, ” said Diaz.

Can you live off of video games?

Zeypher’ assured that currently, yes, it is possible to live in video gamesas he is a gamer that it takes about 7 years of racing of professional manner and living their dream of face other top players LOL in events of international level.

I think that is a reality, keep in mind that it is a world that should be explored more in the face of what we know of other sports, but esta scene is much more than playing a video game and go to tournaments. Here there is a lot of money, sponsorship and marketing”.

Finally, Esteban Guzman emphasized that he takes “living the shortest way” during the six years that he has been as a gamer professional. “I know is an option that is fully viable.”

In turn, ‘Chomi’ also stated that yes you can live well as a gamer professionalbut he stressed that the players find a higher level of support in the foreign.

“This it is a style of life that requires commitment and if one wants to get away it takes a lot of skill and discipline”.

Jose Miguel Diaz said that at this time many gamers colombians have the goal of growing the scene in Colombiabecause they want to have an important race without being forced to be in another country and away from their families.