Announcement of the Clear Gaming Squad Cup.

As a preview to the official tournament, Clear Gaming Squad Cup Fortnite has announced that it will be Warm Ups, games friendly, non-official, in which all who wish to participate in the big main event or show interest in the competition of Fortnite most important of the year in Peru. The call will be free and you just need to be part of the server Discord “CLAROGAMING” to play with other passionate Battle Royale as an experience which precedes the tournament.

Games warming to be held on the 13, 20 and 27 of June, counting with the presence of 20 squads of players that will compete in 3 games for each date. In addition, this series Warm Up it will count with the participation of the Clear Gaming Teamcomposed by Retro Toro, Gabu, GG Rizi, Arandana, Statik Gamer and Oscar Sotoin addition, the ambassadors of the Logitech Young Yino and Rampage.


During the 3 dates, the people who are interested in seeing how it evolves in the competition and who are not participating in it can access the channel Twitch of Clear Gaming, which can be redirected quickly with the channel of Twitch official Clear Gamingto be spectators of the fierce games between the competitorswith the into highlights of the plays more impressive that are carried out during the sessions.

In addition, during the transmission, will give more details of the tournament as the expectations of the organizers and the dynamics that will, explaining in greater depth the registration process, prizes, dates, series of games and duration. It should be noted that, at the end of each stream, there will be giveaways and more surprises on the basis of a interesting fact or question mysterious that will be given at the start of the transmission. In this way, it is expected that the fans of Fortnite don’t let tune in to the stream to be able to do with the awards.

Remember that the first transmission will start at 5:00 p. m. the June 13,therefore, if you do not want to lose the competition that gathers the best players of Fortnite of the country, you point it in your calendar and turn on your alarm. The Clear Gaming Squad Cup is waiting for you. To access the channel Discord of Clear Gaming just tap the link below.

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