The variant golden Agent Peely is one of the popular topics in Fortnite Season 2. Those who started at level one, with no purchases of level or XP, they would need to accumulate 29.5 million XP to reach level 350 full. Agent golden Peely.

For most players, this is completely unattainable. Even after you complete all the challenges, punch cards and daily challenges, you will have to win 15.9 million XP through your games normal Fortnite, a brand that very few people will be near to hit.

A player of Fortnite he broke down everything in a chart, which allowed the players to know the best way to earn XP in Fortnite, and unlock the elusive Agent golden Peely.

As you can probably guess, play games normal Fortnite is not going to be enough. If you play to win, you must play an estimate of 19.36 hours a day, assuming that you started at the beginning of the season.

If you play Fortnite with a mentality of loot first, you can substantially reduce this time, of course, you don’t want to break any of the boxes of ammo, flames or chests. This style of play will bring the Agent Peely after 6.44 hours per day.

Finally, we have the best way to get Fortnite XP for the Agent Peely: Team Rumble. Play this game to get loot, murders and XP and you can unlock the Agent Peely after of 3.86 hours per day. The math was completed and plotted by the user of Reddit u / zMuska.

Via: u / zMuska

Of course, these breakdowns by hours assume that you are an expert in Fortnite, and you play every day. If not, it will take much more time.

The players have already expressed their frustration with Epic Games for the routine golden Agent Peely. Some even have committed to boycott any Item Shop XP it is rumored that it will be for sale, although still not what we have seen.

The majority of the players expect Epic to moderate the requirements of XP the next season. We were promised “more fun, less work” with this Pass of battle, which is technically true if you only want to reach level 100. The finalists know that it is not as simple as that.