The debate between the players of keyboard and mouse versus controller is installed in Fortnite from the beginning of the game, with a few complaining of the advantages of the other and vice versa. For several patches, the first one has been asking for a nerf in the assistance of to look at it from a long time ago, and Epic Games made an adjustment in version 12.61 of the game.

However, the changes were minimal, and were even a slight improvement to the look assisted in shooting long distance. Even so, the players keyboard and mouse reaped the benefits in another area: the recoil of the shot.

This is one of the areas where it has been matched the game, because until now it was less for players to control, and after the update, both seem to be in an identical situation, which a little abated the claims of the players mouse and keyboard.

We’ll see if these changes are enough to satisfy the players of keyboard and mouse. If it is, surely let us listen to any complaints from the players control over the next few days, because, as already mentioned, the war between the styles is present from the beginning of Fortnite, and will not end with a setting as simple as that.