It seems that years have passed since the beginning of the battles ninja. What was supposed to be a series of tournaments to six weeks has now lasted almost three months. It was supposed to end in July, but we are in the middle of August and only got to week 3.

There was a perfect storm of delays around the event. The third week was delayed initially for a week, then two weeks and then indefinitely when the Mixer was closed and a Ninja had no place to transmit.

Ninja still has not announced an exclusive agreement with any platform, but finally chose the series Ninja Battles on Twitch, starting on 13 August. We can only hope that the last three weeks of skills can continue as planned.

Credit: Red Bull

These were the first Battles Ninja on Twitch and the first Battles Ninja without Ninja. Surprisingly, the streamer was absent of its own event. Even without the Ninja, the event was entertaining, as always.

The tournament was closely contested, with several teams in pursuit of winning the event until the last game. Reverse2k and his trio were in first place for almost the entire event until the end, and the trio of Stretch, Zayt and Saf used the loot of Catty Corner to win consecutive games in the middle of the competition.

However, when all was said and done, the trio of Khanada, Bucke and Kreo won the tournament after hold on in the final game.

The rest of results are the following:

2. Riversan, Zyfa, Nosh
3. Reverse2k, Grouper, Deyy
4. Cloud, Ferrrnando, Iciev
5. Yung Calc, Clix, Mackwood
6. Arkham, EpikWhale, Rehx
7. Keys, Slackes, Illest
8. Stretch, Saf, Zayt
9. Av, Shark, Knight
10. Army unknown, Benjyfishy, Crr
11. With reach, assault, innocent
12. EmadGG, Cented, Commandment
13. Eclipsae, NanoLite, Sommerset
14. Bugh, Chap, Avery
15. Bizzle, Dubs, Megga
16. NickEh30, repetitions, Edgey
17. Ceice, Paper, Jamper
18. NateHill, 72 hours, Funk

Some of the players of high ping are presented in their servers absent. The guys from NA-West of Arkham, EpikWhale and Rehx came in sixth place, while Crr and Benjyfishy of the United Kingdom joined UnknownArmy and finished among the first ten.

This was a tournament more small, but entertaining nonetheless. With luck, we won’t have to wait another two months or more for the next competition of Ninja Battles.

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