Epic Games is a company expert in creating campaigns to attract media attention. There is more to remember the hours we spent contemplating a black hole on the screen without knowing what was going to happen as a prelude of Chapter 2.

When Epic Games decided to launch its own system of purchases within a Fortnite, I knew perfectly well what was going to happen. If you walk into a bank with a gun, you can expect that you are going to stop, regardless of how good or bad your intentions.

Neither Apple nor Google were to allow a system of payments to the margin of their stores App Store and Google Play, as that is a clear violation of the rules.

Without a doubt, Epic Games knew this, and he did so knowing that Apple doesn’t would quiver the pulse before expelling Fortnite from the App Store, as you would with any other application that is outside the limits. The rules are not optional.

That’s why, Epic Games I had already prepared yesterday a video with your own version of a famous ad Apple 1984, as well as a statement of claim against Apple. A few hours later, Google also expelled Fortnite of your store and then Epic was pulled out of the sleeve a new lawsuit against Google

Video published by Epic Games after the expulsion of the App Store

All this is proof that Epic designed the crisis of Fortnite in mobile to earn the public opinion and having the players of your side in the fight with Apple and Google. Epic could have sued Apple and Google without riding all the fuss is about.

This crisis invented boils down to money. Epic is not willing to pay the 30% commission and is taking advantage of all the debate about antitrust, since major technology companies are under increased scrutiny from regulators in the U.S., Europe and other places.

Of the 10€ that you would pay to Fortnite per 1,000 turkeys, 7€ will Fortnite, and€ 3 to Apple or Google. When Fortnite was offered the option of paying 8€ to you through their own system of payments for the same 1,000 turkeys, was presented as a discount of 20%. But the fact is that 8 € turns out to be a 14.3% increase in the profits of Epic. Why not lowered the price to 7€ if the cut Apple and Google are 3€?

Epic is manipulating public opinion with their misleading messages. Makes be to Apple and Google as enemies to beat when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo also apply a 30% commission the purchases made in their respective consoles.

Even Samsung is left with 30% of purchases in your store Galaxy. And YouTube you are left with a 45% of the advertising revenue for the video creators.

What Epic Games would like is that Apple and Google are not awakened to any commission. So the prices of their products would drop and, therefore, sales would increase, so that Epic Games would take in more money.

I find it surprising that a 30% commission to keep the App Store up will seem expensive to Epic Games, but 12€ for a suit “salchicho” in Fortnite is a fair price.

Nor can I understand that Epic Games suing Apple for alleged “restrictions anti-competitive” when in the shop Fortnite can only sell virtual items and costumes themselves.

Wouldn’t it be great that other developers could create costumes and objects for sale at the shop of Fortnite? And without paying any commission to Epic Games, of course. There would be queue of graphic designers wanting to sell their own creations.

In your video reinvidicativo, Epic Games ends with an apocalyptic message:

Epic Games has challenged the monopoly of the App Store. In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite in billion devices. Join the fight for the 2020 does not become “1984”.

If it weren’t for Apple, there would be “billions of devices” that can run Fortnite. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Access to this massive market may not be cheap, and Apple has the right to set any percentage of the benefits that you want. This is how businesses operate. No one forces anyone to buy iPhones, no one forces you to Epic to bring their games to the iPhone, and no one forces people to play Fortnite.

Apple and Google offer stores safe for the user (at least, much safer than the fondant that made Epic Games when you created your installer), both in what refers to the data of the user as to the privacy and security of transactions.

The App Store and the Play Store are always in operation, all the applications and downloads are always available. Is the infrastructure in the cloud Apple and Google doing all the work. Epic has not invested money in any of that.

Apple and Google also reviewed the code to ensure the safety of users before the apps arrive to their stores, and then handles distribution to the devices and their updates, and protects the payments. That 30% covers all those costs, and probably gives a benefit. This is how businesses operate.

The appeal to the conscience of the players with this campaign, Epic expects that Apple and Google will be pressured, to intentionally ignore that Fortnite works on iOS and Android thanks to its creators, the same ones that earn billions of dollars in sales of virtual objects and costumes “salchicho” despite the commission.

It’s easy to support the “rebel” in this fight and that is what is proposed Epic Games with this campaign, but to me that does not count.

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