The never-ending story. That would be the summary of the aim assist (attendance noted) for command in Fortnitea thorny issue in which the community of the battle royale of Epic Games is unable to agree.

It was assumed that, with the patch 12.61 of the gamethe aim assist I was going to be reduced. However, that does not seem to be the case.

A professional player argues that the aim assist with controller on Fortnite is still better than before

Epic Games has already revealed to the community that would settings (without clarifying if it was a nerf or a buff) in the aim assist of the PC version after the end of FNCS (via Fortniteintel), an important tournament in the game. However, and with the new patch applied on the servers, the thing seems to be worse than ever.

This has shown the caster of Fortnite Suja in a video on Twitter, which can be seen as the aim assist is stronger than ever.

For the moment, it is not clear if this is a bug or if it really the developer has stopped the support of the targeted. For its part, the community is not happy with this change, and the social networks of the battle royale have become a real powder keg.

On the one hand, we have those who attack the decision of the Epic of return to improve the attendance of targeted, while there are also those who criticize those who complain about the aim assist.

Vorwenn, the player of the Fortnite Team-Heretics has summarized the sentiment of the community competitive in a single tweet.

If we stick to the statements of the company, Epic has not breached any promise (it is not revealed if the settings would be harmful or beneficial for the assistance of pointed out), but one thing is clear: the aim assist is stronger than before.

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