The team eMonkeyz it seems to take the front in terms of announcements this split summer with the signing of Robocop. The top Czech arrives at the set of the monkeys to the dispute is going to be their first split in the Super Orange.

So has announced the set yellow this afternoon, joining the signing of a top laner to the already announced Nash1c and Fendras. In addition, we also know those who are to form the technical staff, being Sleepy and Pawned the first members of the roster to be confirmed.

Since we only have two members of the team know, with the names of Chapapi and Sharp flying over the rumors. But the question is: who is Robocop, and where it comes from this player of 19 years?

Adaptability for flag

Ondřej “Robocop” Sklenička is a player who, like the vast majority of players, arising out of your country, began to compete in their Czech Republic natal. His first major club, as it could not be another, was eSuba, Czech organisation of the that have come out other illustrious names such as Humanoid, Denyk, or Patrik (Sherif at that time).

eMonkeyz Robocop

Robocop your step-by-eSuba | Source:

From there went on to play with PENTA in Germany, the hand of Marhoder. There got to qualify for the ESL Meisterschaft winter of 2019, finishing in seventh position. Once the team returned to the 1st Division German, Robocop returned to eSuba.

Returning to lay waste their country with a 13-1 in regular season and 3-1 in the end, we went back to see eSuba in this past EU Masters. There we saw them pass the Play-In against Raccoon and fall in phase of groups of the Main Stage.

From Robocop to highlight your versatility. Like many, I like to play carrys: Jayce, Riven, Camille…among its most prominent. But in terms of competition, he has been seen more in the profile tank or weak side: Ornn, Gankplant, or Urgot are their elections more frequent. In spite of everything, does not reject the strong side if the situation requires: Sett or Renekton are the order of the day in their history. So in eMonkeyz earn in youth, versatility, and a potential yet to be exploited.

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