In the Peruvian eSports it will be the Finale from the comfort of your own home, for example, should: big show in 360 degrees. Separates your Gaming Room during computer startup, to .

Before the long-awaited series of five matches, HDL, we have a show preview, where arguing with two CEO team: Polaris Gaming and Mr. Pride. Both have two different approaches to this end.

We know that the game will be closed, but we have so much more to achieve; so that waiting until it stops. We are confident that our players will have a better performance to face the end“- says Renzo suárez, DIRECTOR General MR. Pride.

Thus, the internal we do not expect the result on the part ofG. What we’re looking for what the team is trying and that is better“- the Executive DIRECTOR of the Polaris Deza Francisco.

ESports is transmitted through the official channels on Twitch and YouTube League video Games Professionally. In turn, it is possible to access to enjoy the Gaming Room with flexible color of your favorite team.

Listen to”DeporPlay” in Spreaker.