The signature Black Shark has introduced a few new mini-gloves for thumbs, which they aim to to improve the performance, feel, and precision of those who used to test video games shooter, as are Fortnite, PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile, for example.

These are named E-Sport Finger Sleeve, and not only promise to be effective for that style of video game shooter, but also for all those who have touch interfaces, because the technology used to give life to these covers so allows, thereby improving the conductivity and the touch.

The covers are composed of a mixture of materials that include cotton, carbon fiber and spandex ultra-thin, the latter of which are conductive elements that help to improve the accuracy. Like this, another important point is that only have a thickness of 0.25 mmallowing your thumbs to remain agile and fresh at all times and not sticking to the screen when this increases in temperature.

Gloves Xiaomi

Due to its thickness, the developers (Black Shark, who come to be business partners of Xiaomi for the market of video games) did a thorough work, with the aim of ensuring that the force feedback perceived by our thumbs when using them, it is the same in comparison to when we do not use it.

In addition to this, since PC Pop they also highlight that were implemented up to 12 processes and technological 18 methods of stitching different, with just the right mission to get a few covers, almost perfect and without the presence of folds or seams visible, offering in this way a product of the best possible quality on the market today.

Gloves of thumb for players on

As expected, it was confirmed that present positive results and also improve the quality and experience at the time of play, thanks to that with these also removed the own fat of the thumbs to avoid temperature changes in the screen, which is something that certainly disgusted and uncomfortable.

In terms of its price and availability, we mentioned that today, the Black Shark E-Sports Finger Sleeves it’s only been on the market in China by an amount of 29 yuan, which would be about 3.50 euros to change. In spite of this, you should not spend a lot of time for it to arrive to the western market.

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