Dying Light 2 is certainly an ambitious project for Techland developers, but its arrival on PC and console remains a real unknown.

Years have passed since its official announcement and, except for a few pieces of gameplay, we know practically nothing about this title, excluding the controversial exit of the author Chris Avellone from the project, the only real novelty that brought the zombie game back to first. the person in the spotlight.

The fears of the community increase every day and the rumors of its cancellation are becoming more and more insistent. Of course, this mood of sadness has prompted some fans to ask Techland directly: is Dying Light 2 still alive, or should we say goodbye?

The official Twitter account of Dying Light 2 spoke on the subject, in response to the curiosity of a fan. Although there is still no news on the future release date, the team has reassured gamers, confirming that development is proceeding smoothly as planned.

Obviously, we cannot doubt the direct word of the developers, but this is already the second time that we have been reassured about the state of the work of Dying Light 2 and we cannot blame the fans who may start to have doubts. The total absence of any new material, including screenshots or videos, certainly does not help.

For the moment, we will be waiting for new official announcements with the hope that, in the next-gen climate, the situation can be unlocked