The popularity and call of the esports has reached levels never thought of, proof of this is the amount of people who tune into the various international competitions of these titles in addition to players who day-to-day enjoy your leisure moments in their games. In this area, Dota 2 and League of Legends are some of the esports most played and tuned today and its influence is undeniable.

However, the player base of these MOBA discuss constantly the supremacy of one over the other, and there have been various occasions on which this debate has taken place in the social networks. Recently, this controversial discussion has been rekindled due to the statements of Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, professional player of League of Legends affiliate Team Liquid.

In a streaming December 22, Doublelift he gave his opinion about the eternal “LoL vs. Dota 2”. “I would say that Dota you have a lot to learn from League about the diversity of build, diverse pool of champions and played the map, but, mechanically, there is 0% chance that Dota is more demanding than League he said the AD Carry of Team Liquid.

The proplayer he mentioned that some of the reasons behind his statement are in the unusual speed of rotation of the characters, the lagthe lack of skillshot, dashes and skills of Dota 2. In addition, Doublelift he said that Dota has more stuns and skills targeted, and despite the fact that the players have more buttons, the game does not require a mechanical skill high as League.

Before the controversy that sparked the declaration of the player, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein -captain of the division Dota 2 of OG Esports– also joined the discussion through a few publications on his Twitter account where he criticized the lack of action in the early game and the excessive extension of the phase lines in LoL.

“If in a game career average, you have 4 or 5 kills in 30 minutes what are the critical objectives? Is it like a phase line mega extended in which everything revolves around the last hits and harrass? said the champion The Internationalthe world Dota 2.

In addition, N0tail he showed his interest in continuing with the discussion of the MOBA and in another publication noted that, with the company of his team-mate Cebis willing to join with two leading figures in the scene competitive League of Legends to discuss the mechanical differences of the game.

Meanwhile, everything seems to indicate that the eternal struggle between the communities of both esports will not cease soon while both games are continuing to benefit from the constant updates that made Riot Games and Valve to their respective metagame.

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