What happens when DOOM and Fall Guys Twitter account exchange tweets? It happens that you can be sure that something interesting is coming! More specifically, another of the crazy crossovers present in the Mediatonic title.

It was of course funny puns: the DOOM account tweeted ” bean thinking of you ” (“I thought of you” but referring to the “beans” in the game) while Fall Guys replied ” weird, I had an impending sense of … doom “(” how strange, I felt like an impending feeling of … ineluctability “clearly quoting the title of the historical FPS).

This triggered the chatter, which shortly afterward resulted in an announcement, or rather, in the teaser of an announcement: ” … time to suit up SOON ” (“… time to wear the costume”). Costume or rather, in this case, an armor: the image that accompanies the tweet is just a silhouette, but it is clearly recognizable: it is the Doom Slayer.

When will this new add-on arrive? We have not yet known, but we are sure the announcement will arrive shortly. This new skin is added to the many others published in collaboration with other franchises, such as that of Sonic, that of Godzilla, and that of the goose of Untitled Goose Game.