To associate the word Donald Trump and League of Legends in the same sentence seems impossible, but as are things from a few das the mismsimo president of the united States, not without cause polmicas and headlines daily, using a recognizable song League of Legends in one of his videos promotional of campaign.

‘The Throw Down’ in a video of Donald Trump

We have to travel to the past January 17, to find the video of the news. That Friday the own Donald Trump colg on his official Twitter account a small video of little more than a minute of duration under the text “PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT!”. The president became collection to have met their words in these last three years of mandate. The court, which has already more than 4 million viewsnot pas unnoticed for fans of League of Legends, the title of Riot Games.

The reason that calls the attention of the video of Trump was precisely or the music chosen for acompaarlo. The topic is titled ‘The Throw Down’ and est composed by the artist Gregg Lehrman. It is a song that the community of LoL has associated to the phase of draftduring the picks and bans, especially in the LCS north american ao’s past. However, contrary to what may seem at a first time, the subject does not belong to League of Legends.

This music has been used in the past to promote some of the films of Hollywood.

‘The Throw Down’, as stated to The Washington Post, is not a theme that Riot Games has the rights, but that the has Universal Production Music. In fact, this music has been used in the past to promote some of the films of Hollywood, such as tapes Marvel at events such as the Superbowl. As anyone that pays for this service has right to use the piece without a problem any legal, a thing that will have happened in the case of the video of Trump. Seen as seen, the fact is merely a curiosity.

In other order of news related to League of Legends, the popular MOBA has given beginning in season 10. Riot brand new this Friday the open beta of Legends of Runeterra, their particular card game based in the universe of LoL.