The Mid-Season Cup is just around the corner and as the opening match we will have an T1 vs. FunPlus Phoenix. To add a bit of hypeKim “DoinB” Tae-sang has been watching the end of the LCK and has left the odd pearl on the Moon “You cuzz” U-chan, jungle of T1.

You cuzz it is the piece that T1 really needed

Following the departure of Kim “Clid” Tae-min SK Telecom T1many have criticized this movement. Clid had been one of the key pieces in 2019 and it was said that You cuzz could not exceed the expectations. Some analysts in the scene, such as Nick “LS” Cesare, commented that this, in reality, had been the best for T1 since you cuzz it was better to jungle and that fit better on the computer. Many took to the head of LS, but DoinB is more than of agreement:

When we played against T1, I’m more worried about his jungle. The jungle of T1 last year was a Clid, but they changed it to you cuzz this year. At the beginning, a lot of people are worried about it because they felt like the Media-Jungle of T1 would not be as strong with the entrance of you cuzz. But, on the contrary, have been strengthened with the change.

[…] Clid is sometimes tiltea, especially if it takes Lee sin. But you cuzz is simply disgusting. There are people who can’t even guess what you are doing. It appears from some strange place to cazarnos and no one can guess their route. Many jungles say that it is really difficult to predict the path of you cuzz.”

It is not surprising to know that Clid is tiltea or gets emotional in the games, is something that we saw the last year and this same in the the end of the LCK vs. T1.

You cuzz has been strongly criticized this past Split Spring, but it worked especially well. Although it is not the jungle more aggressive, his fights in the team are always delicious and ended up taking the MVP of the final.

The Mid-Season Cup starts this Thursday, May 28,so we can see if FPX and DoinB may or may not with the routes, strange of you cuzz.

Source: Tweet of @gzeebee

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