Source: Inven Global

Written by: Joonkyu “Lasso” Seok and Daniel “Quest” Kwon

Day 28, started the Mid-Season Cup both in the LoL Park as in the LPL Sand. All computers in the Group they began with a 1-1 draw, but FunPlus Phoenix was able to get his tciket to the semi-finals by defeating DAMWON Gaming in the fifth match of the day.

DoinB he was the MVP and gave an interview in the relay officer.

-Now that FPX will play the semi-finals, you will play Blind Pick for the first time. What excites you?

DoinB: Personally, I’m excited to play Blind Pick for the first time in my career, but I don’t think it benefits us a lot. The equipment of the LCK have experience playing Blind Pickso insurance that benefits them more to them. However, we have a larger pool of champions, so I think we’ll be ok.

-FPX has tried to make a backdoor to DWG. Can you tell us what have been the coms at that time?

DoinB: We were on the ropes at that point, your wave of minions in the bottom lane was in his favor. Then, we had a good fight in a team and, as we were doing split-push in the top rail, we have decided to stop their return to base. After this, I have thrown TP and we have won.

– How has it been playing against Faker and ShowMaker?

DoinB: I have felt pressed against both because they played very well in the “Split” of Spring and because both I have killed solo ever. Even so, I’ve been lucky not to have been killed in solo by them, and that Knight yes I got.

– Is it true that the CEO of FPX will take to the Gobi desert?

DoinB: This is the first time that I hear it. Had No idea (laughter).

-If at the end acabases in the wilderness, who would you like to go?

DoinB: With anyone.

DoinB and FunPlus Phoenix have been first groups
DoinB and FunPlus Phoenix have been first groups

More news: The salaries of the LCS have reached this split to 410.000$ average