PlayStation 5 is a pretty big console, but it was originally designed as an even bigger machine. The designer who designed the look of the console, Yujin Morisawa, revealed to The Washington Post that his initial plans for the console involved an even bigger system than what’s coming to gamers’ hands.

” When I started designing, it was much bigger, ” Morisawa said. ” The engineers told me it was too big. So, I had to reduce the size .”

Early in the design of the machine, Morisawa said he knew the PS5 had to be physically larger than the PS4 due to its internal components and the need to create space for the airflow and heat sink.

” If it had been thinner, there would have been less airflow. Which could create problems for players. From a form factor standpoint, I’ve been trying [to] achieve the perfect size .”

PS5 will be available in select regions on November 12, while it launches worldwide on November 19.

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